Saturday, July 26, 2014

Self Actualisation Takes Time - II

Sometimes we just need to be told
That all will be okay
Sometimes open arms extendedx
Can soothe the fears away

Sometimes dark days surface
With no end in sight
Sometimes just a tender word
Seem to make it right

Sometimes we do hurt
Where it cannot be seen
Sometimes we must read
Of the lines, things between

Sometimes it looks to us
That nothing is in place
Sometimes we cannot stand
Except for saving grace

Sometimes we seem to think
This is our lot in life
Sometimes we crave for peace
When all we have is strife

Sometimes it seems to be
Just us against the odds
Sometimes we crave for covering
Like peas in a pod

Sometimes the truth
Will never be revealed
Sometimes the wounds
Doesn't find time to heal

Sometimes the greatest battle
Happens in the mind
Sometimes victor, sometimes victim

Yes, it happens sometimes

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Self-Actualisation Takes Time-I

I have felt something within me,
I was trapped.
By these four walls of my room,
By this skin and bone.

Locked away
And suffocated
By the pressure in my head.
Sounds seem distorted,
Like a fish In a bowl.

The quiet of my thoughts
Turned away
By ringing and chaos.

My anxious heart longs for
The comfort of silence

And to simply, living clueless.
In this large world.

As my thoughts shrink my mind expands
Growing into the spaces between my words
The words of others
Refreshed within the pauses
Dancing inside possibilities
Filling in the blanks

Words suspended
Within time and space
Connecting the random with the infinite
Skipping along
Flowing through in whispers

The spaces
Reflecting eternal promises
Stepping stones along elastic highways
Breaths yet to be exhaled
Here I grasp for inked pleasure

My resting place
along inspiration's highway
My moments of calibration
Synaptic revelations
Hallways leading to ancient corridors
The place where all artist meet

Each space, appears the same
To those unable to see
They can't feel the symphony
Yet, we who live, within the spaces
Rise together Give applause

A world expanded from the small
An opening within word walls
Rising to float, upon the breeze
They lift our mind with subtle ease

Come and join me please
I have space
I have room
Within my spaces 
for something which was missing.