Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Mother..

since then,my life has been in repentance
your angel smile is now my salvation
my dear mother
you still treat me like an diamond
thats why i like 2 say
your heart is filled with
compassion and heavenly sweetness.

unseen came 2 your attendence
returning home became my vision
uniting us was ALLAHS mighty vision
your supplication had been accepted.

running away was my worst option
asking why was your ultimate question
staggering in the dark with my addiction
bowing 2 god was your only solution.

the colour of my face start 2 change
when hanging with the wrong trend
your cries were heard in heaven
while i was listening 2pac and many evil.

reminiscing the past
reminds me of your
once sweet child
saw your fragile heart
filled with compassion
and heavenly sweetness...!!

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