Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mr. Bal Thakre had issued a C.D. For announcing that he would not allow the Aussies to play cricket in the mumbai city....
but i think that this is just for aquiring attention of people to show that they are good indians.
They do not allow those people to play in mumbai. Who thinks that INDIANS are not good in playing cricket.
at last ,
i just say one thing only that ,
Mr. Bal thakre is spoiling the governments money & power for their own satisfaction.
I want to say that Mr. Bal thakre is trying to spoil the relationship between Australia & India.
He is trying to spoil the entertainment of IPL.
but as we think about it deeply.
he is trying to express his agony for their doing towards the students studying there.
SO, I am unable to differentiate batween this that is their party doing right thing or not.

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